About Us

Coolflask - Stay Hydrated, Stay Energized


Being a nimble-minded and hot-blooded team, Coolflask is kept at the forefront of tides and takes pride in being true environmentalists. We create the most reliable and accessible hydration gears that not only lessen our footprint but also offer long-term companionships in our day to day life.

We design function-rich and aesthetics-enlightening bottles to fulfill a hybrid of lifestyles. Here, the gear of life is easily changed with a simple twist of a lid or a straw.  Coolflask bottles use only top food-grade material making sure every sip is refreshingly clean with zero toxin. Our commitment to quality assures the greatest performance, durability and accountability in our products and actions.

We understand that relationships are pivotal to a positive mind. Going forward, we endeavor to inspire communities through interesting conversations and shared passions. Our products thus become more of a form of expression than just a staple of healthy life.